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Come and Meet Alleycats


We host Alleycats three times a month, at various venues in Portsmouth. It adds variety, and means that there's a night in different districts. Some people like to go to their local one, others are regulars at every venue.

On the FIRST SUNDAY of the MONTH, you can find us at:-

THE BARLEY MOW (website) in Castle Road, Southsea, PO5 3DE        (MAP)

The Barley Mow is a fabulous pub, with a unique atmosphere. It is a bit of an oasis, having a relaxed feel, a community of locals and is very friendly. There is always an excellent selection of ales, served beautifully. Very hard to resist! Also, oddly enough, a good place to buy your (huge) free range eggs from. The Barley Mow is a deservedly popular Alleycats venue.

On the THIRD SUNDAY of the MONTH, you can find us at:-

THE WINCHESTER ARMS (website) in Winchester Rd, Buckland, Portsmouth, PO2 7PS    (MAP)

The Winchester Arms is a true backstreet local. A proper pub on the corner, with wooden floorboards, great beer and a strong sense of community with it's regulars. You feel comfortable immediately. Always a fun night with lots of character.

On the LAST SUNDAY of the MONTH, you can find us at:-

THE GOLDEN EAGLE (Facebook) in Delamere Road, Southsea, PO4 0JA    (MAP)

The Golden Eagle is another real local corner pub. There's a strong local community and a lively feel to the place. It has recently changed hands and the new tenants, Vince and Phil are getting into the swing of things, and are happy to continue supporting live music.

Who Are We?

The Legendary John the Hat (Sound)

John is the sound, soundman for Alleycats. A stalwart since the very beginning, John has become a legend within his own beer-time. Countless families of Robins, several rare Ocelots and a Morris Minor owe their survival to taking refuge in his beard. His sublime skills on the desk and thorough empathy for the music results in a quality of sound we are proud of.

Trev (MC, Chaos and Bafflement)

Trev has been involved with Alleycats for many years. In 2007, when Allan wanted his Monday mornings back (think about it), John asked Trev to become his new partner in musical crime. Trev acts as compere, and (dis)organiser for the Alleycats Open Mic Nights. Roles include helping to set up, 'managing' the 'stage' and performers, as well as talking a great deal. This usually, involves beer.